Sunday, October 13, 2019

Health Grade Panel for Marijuana and Produce Grow Operations

Legally growing and selling marijuana is becoming more and more common, and so growers are on the lookout for how they can produce the best product. For farmers of any type, producing the best product means having the right equipment and growing your crop in the best conditions. For marijuana and produce grow operations, the best conditions are inside grow houses, and more and more grow houses are being constructed from insulated panels. Buildings constructed from insulated panels are cost-effective and quick and easy to build or take down. Insulated panels are perfect for grow houses because they’re:

  • Naturally insulated and easy to install
  • Health Grade approved steel in a reflective white colour
  • Pathogen, rot, moisture and heat-resistant
  • Can be easily treated with light-reflective coatings
  • Can support heavy loads
  • Resilient in inclement weather
  • Indoor or outdoor use


Naturally Insulated and Easy to Insulate


The major functions or features of insulated panels can be found in the name – they’re insulated panels that are used to build structures. Wall and roof panels in grow houses perform best when insulated with soy-based insulation. These products are cost-effective, fire-resistant and lightweight. A roof that isn’t properly insulated with the proper R-value may not meet building requirements. However, always make sure your insulation choice meets building codes in your area.


Pathogen, Rot, Moisture and Heat-Resistant


Unlike wood and other materials, insulated panels aren't vulnerable to outside elements, including moisture and heat. This means that insulated panels don’t rot, twist or present conditions for mold and pathogen growth. They’re also highly heat-resistant and non-combustible, which helps in temperature control and protects against fires and sun damage.


Can be Easily Treated with Light-Reflective Coatings


Insulation in grow houses is meant to reflect light onto the plants while protecting them from ‘light pollution’ or harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Insulated panels are perfect for this job, they come in a white reflective health grade steel, and can also be easily treated with light-reflective coatings.


Can Support Heavy Loads


Grow rooms need plenty of lighting and mechanical ventilation equipment, which can be heavy. Fortunately, our panels are capable of handling heavy loads. They can support the weight of suspended lighting and mounted ventilation, such as auxiliary fans and an air-handling unit. Besides, not only can steel buildings handle this great capacity, they can also be designed to house thousands of plants.


Resilient in Inclement Weather


Inclement weather is the bane of any plant’s existence. But panels can ensure that no bad weather outside ever reaches your plants inside. Plants like marijuana are sensitive to abrupt changes in weather, but buildings made from our health-grade panels are climate adaptable, and help maintain a steady temperature inside the grow house. This means your plants won’t be damaged by extreme fluctuations in temperature or other weather conditions. 


For more information on building a grow operation using health grade insulated panels, please contact us.