Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Structural Panels Are Efficient and Cost-Effective as Self-Frame Buildings

Self-framing buildings are perhaps the most efficient and convenient structures to erect, especially when constructed using structural insulated panels (SIPS). They’re self-supporting structures that can be used for numerous applications, including MCC Buildings, control rooms, refrigeration buildings, radio repeater buildings, wellhead shelters, water injection buildings, office buildings and so much more. Most notably, self-framing buildings are cost-effective, durable and versatile.


Self-Framing Buildings Are Cost-Effective

Few materials and little manpower are needed to construct self-framing buildings, making them some of the most cost-effective structures available. The use of structural panels reduces construction time and labour, and they’re cheaper than other steel frame buildings, such as prefabricated (prefab) structures, which often come with a high initial investment. Of course, they’re also cheaper than concrete, stick-frame and other types of buildings.


They’re Durable and Long-Lasting

Self-framing buildings are built to last 20 years or more and survive any weather condition. In fact, the panels are so strong, lightweight and flexible that they can resist seismic waves better than concrete structures. This means a self-framing building could possibly survive an earthquake, especially if it’s built with the best structural insulated panels Edmonton has to offer, from Advanced Panel. These buildings are also known to survive thunderstorms, tornadoes and even hurricanes. Moreover, self-framing buildings constructed with SIP panels are energy efficient, eco-friendly and typically have high fire ratings. The buildings are also resistant to corrosion, water damage, mold and bug infestations.


Self-Framing Buildings are Versatile

Versatility is a hallmark of self-framing buildings. They can be constructed for any application and in any shape. Plus, there’s no need for aluminum extrusion (which is costly), which can make these architectural designs heavier and less versatile. Self-framing structures are also completely customizable, meaning they can be any size, colour or shape you want, and this makes them well suited for small structures that include oil field shacks, control rooms, compressor buildings, manifold buildings, security buildings, pump buildings and more.


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