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Applications: Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural

Below Ground Insulation Panel (BGIP)

BGIPs are a CS (Calcium Silicate) 3/8" thick prefinished board, factory-applied to XPS Extruded Polystyrene Rigid Insulation.

This product is a single-step process for below-grade exterior wall insulation. The product can be installed with through-fastened screws or galvanized clips.

As a member of the concrete family, this product can be coated with a concrete-based coating.

PANEL SIZES: 2' x 4' (Foam thickness / Panel thickness / Weight):

  • 2" (R10) / 2-3/8" butt edge  / 21lbs
  • 3" (R10) / 3-3/8" butt edge / 22lbs
  • 4" (R10) / 4-3/8" butt edge / 23lbs

Installation Guide

Compressive Strength Testing

Pull Off Testing