Monday, July 26, 2021

Steel Composite Panels

The load bearing capability, coupled with highly effective insulation, of our composite steel panels makes them ideal for walls and roofs on buildings in Edmonton and beyond. As a result, they are used in a wide range of applications across a broad spectrum of industries. When it comes to metal wall or roof panels, Canada trusts Advanced Panel to deliver superior quality products and service.

AD LOC 100

AD LOC 100 panels are used in both industrial and commercial applications. Their unsurpassed insulating capabilities and strength make them ideal for a broad range of uses in both hot and cold weather. The metal panels come in 36" widths allowing for quick installation-a crucial attribute given Western Canada's labour shortage. A hidden fastener panel is available for commercial applications. Embossing and a variety of colours available, as well.


If you're currently looking for steel roof panels or wall panels, contact us for details on how AD LOC 100 can meet your specific requirements.

Ad Loc 100 Panel


Ad Loc 100 Profile



AD LOC 100 Structural Steel Panels have been tested for Air Leakage, Water Penetration and Structural Performance by Intertek.  The following standard tests were used:


  • ASTM E283-04 (2012), Standard Test Method for Determining Rate of Air Leakage Through Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, and Doors Under Specified Pressure Differences Across the Specimen

  • ASTM E330-02(2010), Standard Test Method for Structural Performance of Exterior Windows, Doors, Skylights and Curtain Walls by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference

  • ASTM E331-00 (2009), Standard Test Method for Water Penetration of Exterior Windows, Skylights, Doors, and Curtain Walls by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference

  • AAMA 501.1, Standard Test Method for Water Penetration of Windows, Curtain Walls and Doors Using Dynamic Pressure



Intertek Testing Services NA Ltd. (Intertek) has conducted testing for Advanced Panel Products 4 in. thick polyurethane SIP wall assembly, to evaluate the fire resistance, when tested in accordance with NBCC (2010) Sentence (2) stay in place requirements.



AD LOC 300

Deep Rib Panel


The AD LOC 300 is our deep profile metal wall panels and roof panels. They can minimize the need for secondary steel due to its structural strength. It is thermally broken with internal and external flanges and comes in 35 1/2" widths that speed up installation. This panel can be used in a self-framing building application designed to your specifications. It can also be used for commercial wall panels and roofs with slopes of .5 over 12 or greater.








AD LOC 400

Tank/Vessel Insulation Panel


Our AD LOC 400 Panel is thermally broken and has external flanges. Panels come in 32" or 36" widths with a maximum height of 30'. They are self-supporting - do not require rings - making for smooth and quick installation. These panels do not absorb exterior condensation and will not wick ground moisture from snow or rain. They easily adjust themselves as the tanks expand and contract during filling and emptying cycles. Embossed aluminum is available.



AD LOC 500

Deep Rib Un-Insulated Cladding


Our AD LOC 500 is our deep profile wall and roof cladding panel. Panels come in 36” widths, up 32’ in length, which expedite erection times. This metal skin can be utilized as a cladding application designed to your specifications. It is also used as a commercial roof & wall panel in buildings with a roof slope of 1/2 over 12 or greater.

Ready to discover the many benefits of these metal wall or metal roof panels? Edmonton based manufacturing of this product ensures on time and within budget delivery.