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Our insulated freezer and cooler panels have many commercial applications and offer an efficient and affordable construction alternative for buildings requiring strict temperature-controlled conditions, such as grocery stores, cold storage facilities, restaurants, industrial plants, pharmaceutical labs, greenhouses, indoor agricultural facilities, grow-rooms, and more. Our cooler and freezer panels protect both product and profits with energy-saving design, significantly reducing energy costs year-round. Our freezer panels can also improve cold storage in refrigeration trucks for product transport. Here at Advanced Panel Products, we aim to provide high-quality panel products and customized solutions for businesses across Canada.

Providing Freezer and Cold Storage Panels All Across Canada

In regions like Alberta and Ontario where climate conditions vary widely from season to season, it's important that buildings and businesses that require strict temperature-controlled environments can maintain adequate cold conditions without worrying about temperature fluctuations. When seasonal heat spells in Alberta and Ontario make keeping cool environments a challenge, you can trust our cooler panel and freezer panel products to operate effectively no matter the temperature outdoors.

A Wide Range Of Cold Storage Insulation Solutions

At Advanced Panel Products, we manufacture cooler and freezer wall panels that enhance the efficiency of food storage and processing. To minimize food waste, our cold storage panels can efficiently keep a temperature-controlled environment that you can count on. Aside from the food industry, our panels have applications in many other commercial and public service industries such as florist suppliers, university laboratories, hospitals, and mortuaries.

Fast Installation and Custom Wall Panels

Our freezer and cooler panels come in a variety of thicknesses, which allows you to choose the proper freezer panel needed for your facility. Our health-grade freezer and cooler panel systems come in 36” widths, which greatly expedite construction time and are ideal for use in any food, health, or other facilities where maintaining a steady temperature is mandatory and critical. Aside from this, we also offer customized options, accommodating the type and size of your facility. In addition, we manufacture our products in various thicknesses from 2.5'' to 4'' to provide maximum insulation efficiency.

Freezer and Cooler Doors

Not only do we provide custom sizes and thicknesses for our Canadian industries, but we also have many insulation products ready to customize any type or size of cold storage space. Advanced Panel Products have a wide range of freezer and cooler doors, interior FRP panelling, and floor or interior partitions to meet all of your insulation needs.

In addition, using our energy-efficient cooler panel systems protects products, profits, and customers and saves money on energy costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our freezer panel products are used as the wall panels that line spaces that require temperature control, such as groceries, cold storage spaces, laboratories, and even greenhouses. They are mainly used for preserving the temperature in a space, providing insulation and minimizing product loss. Our freezer and cooler panel products provide these benefits, alongside easy one-step installations and increased energy efficiency for your facility.

Freezer panels offer an efficient and affordable construction alternative for creating regulated cold spaces for the unforgiving Canadian climate. With a robust agricultural and energy sector in Alberta, this method of constructing food and chemical storage areas is fast and economical.

With a large manufacturing, agricultural and industrial base, insulated freezer panels have many commercial applications within Ontario, which can experience sweltering hot summers or mild, wet winters. Advanced Panel Products manufactures freezer panels for use in almost any facility that must maintain a temperature-controlled environment, regardless of outdoor conditions, from cold storage facilities and restaurant coolers to industrial plants and pharmaceutical labs.

For a basic walk-in, the components needed are: an evaporator, a condenser, insulated walls, floors, and ceilings, and an entryway, such as curtain doors. Here at Advanced Panel Products, we offer high-quality freezer wall panels that you can count on. We have panels with a wide range of thicknesses as well as customizable options too! Call us today for more information on our freezer and cooler panel products.

Yes! Freezer or cooler panels are environmentally friendly due to their energy efficiency. In fact, they’re eco-friendly from installation to use! Our insulated metal panels are a “snap-to-install”, which is a design that is more energy-efficient than wall panels with more complicated designs. They are made using expanded polystyrene (EPS) cores which have the highest thermal efficiency. Our freezer panels are also available in varying thicknesses, so opting for thicker panels makes them more efficient at absorbing and distributing heat.

If you need more information regarding our freezer panel products, don’t hesitate to contact us at Advanced Panel!

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