Monday, July 26, 2021

Wood Structural Panels & Roof Panels

AD LOC wood skinned structural panels can be fire rated, thermally broken and have studding in the panels at 16" or 24” on center, custom products and sizing available. Panels come in 4' x 8' standard sizes, with OSB or plywood as outside skins, and are used for floors, walls and even roofs. Commercial and industrial clients understand the many benefits of choosing to buy wood paneling, especially the speed of construction and reduction in required labour. 

AD LOC 600

General Purpose Roof Panel


The AD LOC 600 is our wood-skinned general purpose roof paneling which is thermally broken and includes a wood lap and recess joining system. Log home builders recognize the benefits and use our wood paneling on their roof systems. The polyurethane panel allows for swift installation and come in 4' x 8' standard sizes with OSB or plywood outer skins. Our in house staff ensures that the panels are designed and built for proper snow and wind loads, which is just one of the many ways that we ensure all of our paneling is produced to the highest standards of quality. 


AD LOC 700

Wood Skinned Structural Panel

AD LOC 700 is a wood skinned structural panel that is thermally broken with wooden studs at 16"or 24” on centre, custom sizing available. Our wood structural panel comes in 4'x 8' standard sizes with the outer skin of OSB or plywood. Builders realize savings when they choose to use wood paneling because they don't have to heat or hoard during construction, and quickly reach the lock up stage of construction. Advanced Panel's staff work with the end user to be compliant with local building code, saving you additional time and money.


If you're ready to discover the value that our wood paneling can provide for your next project, contact us to get started. We're equipped to help you find the paneling product that's the best solution for your requirements.