Pre-Made Homeless Shelters

With only 6 pieces per set, plus equipment, our portable homeless shelters allow for easy cleaning, storage, and installation. Transport our mobile shelters easily, whether you're seeking to move your assembled shelter by forklift, or multiples by truck. Facing tough weather conditions? No worries! Our panels do not absorb water, preventing molding and rotting so you stay dryer, longer.

Durable, energy-efficient, and recyclable, our carbon-free insulated panels are equipped with thermal breaks to prevent heat loss in cold winter weather conditions. Perfect for adults or kids, we offer a housing capacity of 2-4 people for our homeless shelters. Made with Class 1 A Polyurethane Foam, rest assured that your homeless shelters are built with thermal efficiency and fire safety in mind.

About Our Homeless Shelter

Whatever your needs are, whether it be safety, time, or convenience, feel at home with our mobile shelter from Advanced Panel Products. With standard housing features, along with optional shelters for those looking to expand their space, customize your portable home with entertainment, lounging area, bathroom/shower facilities, and more! In just under 1.5 hours, assemble, disassemble, or rebuild your homeless shelter effortlessly.

Our homeless shelters feature re-keying technology, a vented glass insert, and First Alert detectors to encompass your security needs. Should you ever require panel replacement, our homeless shelters can be easily disassembled to remove and replace damaged panels on site.

For those who require disaster relief or are undergoing homelessness, our shelters are an affordable alternative to traditional housing structures. With furniture and safety features included, these mobile structures can offer security and stability for those seeking recovery.

Included Equipment


31 ¾” Wide X 81” High, Keyed Locking Lever Set Included (90 second re-key technology), Hinge W/Weather Cover, 20” x 36” Vented Glass Insert (Visual for Safety and Venting, Eco Friendly), Bug Screen (Easy removal for cleaning)

Emergency Window Hatch

Egress Compliant, Emergency Window Hatch 22” Wide X 40” High, Bug Screen

Fire Extinguisher

2.5 Lbs. ABC Fire Extinguisher

CO Detector

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector, Hardwired, Back up Battery

Smoke Alarm

First Alert Smoke Alarm, Hardwired, Back up Battery

Anchoring Screws

QTY: 4, 304 Stainless Steel, Anti Rust, Heavy Duty Eye Screws for Anchoring if Needed.

Baseboard Heater

Baseboard Heater 30”, 750 Watts, 120 Volts.

Outdoor Motion Detector Light

Outdoor Light, 3 mode 6500k Ultra Bright Motion Detector W/Remote (Not Needed), Waterproof, Security Light, Solar Power Driven, 5 Meter Solar line for Easy Placement

Leveling Feet

6 Heavy Duty Leveling Feet over 4000Lbs Strength

Foldable Table

QTY: 1, Foldable Table 20” D x 28” H x 30” W.

Fold Away Bed and Mattress

QTY: 2, Fold Away during the day Bed, Mattress for Adults/Kids, fold up with Memory Foam Mattress, No Assembly Required, Sturdy Frame, 75” x 31” Wide. 300 Lbs. Max., Storage Under Bed at Night/Day 15”H x 75” Long of Storage

Slip-Resistant Floor

Slip Resistant Floor, Quick and Easy to Clean

Lockable Electrical Location

Lockable Exterior Electrical Location on Rear of Building

LED Lights

1 LED Light per Bed 24”, 3 light setting, 14 W, 1000 Lumen

Electrical Outlets

QTY: 2 Standard Electrical Outlets 120 Volt, 1 per Bed



69 Sq. Ft.


9’ Long x 7’6” Wide, Lean-To 8’ – 7’6” High ASSEMBLED
90"W X 120"L x 48"H DISASSEMBLED

Packed Weight

1,800 lbs - 2,500 lbs

Panel Material

26 Gauge Galvanized steel, Health Grade White approved by Health Canada, Interior and Exterior.

7 R-Value per inch Nominal

2” Panel = R 14, 3” Panel = R 21, 4” Panel = R 28, all Nominal

Insulation Material

Class 1 A Polyurethane Foam Best Rating Available for Fire Spread, HFO (No Carbon)

Assembly Time

< 1.5 hours

Power Source

120 Volt, 30 Amp.

Optional Features

Waterproof/Bed Bug Cover for Beds
Twin Bed
Small desk
Coded Entry Door Lock, Auto Lock and Keyed
AC/Heat 2-in-1 Unit
First Aid Kit
Sheets, Pillows, and Duvets
Standing Mirror
Hangable Shelf or Hooks
2 x Exterior Bike Hooks and Lock
Heated Doghouse
120 Volt Heat Tape (Adds a Receptacle to exterior Shelter)
Shelter Upgrades
Additional Square Footage
Increased R-value
Upgradeable to 4 people
Entertainment/Lounging Area Facility
Bathroom and Shower Facility
Additional Customization
Wall panels FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

For individuals who are facing natural disasters, experiencing homelessness, or requiring housing support, our mobile shelters provide modular convenience for regional moving. Unlike a traditional house, our homeless shelters allow for easy panel removal and repair, with minimal waste. In cases of extreme weather conditions in Alberta, our mobile shelters can also serve as storage units or temporary housing solutions.

While manufacturing time may vary based on needs and quantity, we can offer immediate production availability on your units. Upon receiving your unit, our homeless shelter can be quickly assembled using equipment in under 1.5 hours. For more information about our services, phone us at (780) 955-6363. We also offer demo unit viewing and additional testing upon request.

Our disaster relief and homeless shelters offer portable convenience, while also keeping the comfort of your home in mind. With heavy-duty eye screws made from durable stainless steel, you can choose to anchor your shelter for increased stability. We also understand the importance of space for your homeless shelter. In addition to our foldable tables, our shelters also include fold-away memory foam mattress beds with under-bed storage. No assembly required!

Homeless shelters from Advanced Panel Products include a variety of standard equipment to safeguard your space, including a range of emergency or backup features. With 90-second re-keying technology, our entry door locks can be re-coded to prevent theft or break-ins associated with missing or dropped keys. For continuous safety, our carbon monoxide and smoke alarm detectors all come with backup batteries. Furthermore, to avoid disruptive tampering, we provide a lockable exterior electrical location on the rear of your shelter building. To better monitor your premises, our homeless shelters also include a vented glass insert and a waterproof, solar-powered motion detector.

Whether you want a bigger space or would like to add insulation, our team can increase the square footage or R-value of your homeless shelter to reduce heat flow. In addition, we also offer all the necessary equipment and supplies for a furnished shelter, some of which include beds, bed covers and sheets, along with an accompanying pillow and duvet. For pet owners, a heated doghouse addition could be added to the exterior of the shelter.