Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are famous for helping to provide strong, sustainable buildings. They’re virtually airtight building systems that last a long time, use less resources, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Constructing a building with SIPs also requires fewer materials, labour and energy, and creates less construction waste. This is good for the environment and the pocket, which is why so many builders do and should turn to SIPs. Let's take a closer look at three ways SIPs are good for the environment and building projects.

Uses Less Resources

SIPs are usually made of an oriented strand board (OSB) exterior and a polyurathane foam interior. This structure takes less raw materials and energy to produce than other building systems. They’re also produced using advanced automated fabrication technology and optimization software, which greatly reduces construction waste. Building the panels in a controlled environment allows them to be constructed more efficiently than other types of framing. The materials used to fabricate SIPs are also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Enhances Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

A high indoor air quality (IAQ) is paramount to a building’s ventilation and the health of its inhabitants. SIPs improve IAQ by enveloping incoming air, creating controlled ventilation. With controlled ventilation, allergens and contaminants are filtered out and incoming air is dehumidified. SIPs also don’t contain harmful chemicals like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or urea formaldehyde that can lower IAQ and pose a risk to respiratory health. So, for the safety of their clients, builders should only use the highest quality insulated panels Edmonton has to offer, such as those from Advanced Panel Products.

Are Energy Efficient

SIPs are known for their energy efficiency. Their buildings offer minimal air infiltration, high thermal resistance, and a high building envelope. Thus, SIPs are much more energy efficient than other types of building systems. Protecting against air leakage or air infiltration makes them even more efficient. In fact, their buildings are at least 15 times more energy efficient than stick framed buildings with fiberglass insulation. SIP building systems are also so reliable and energy efficient that they automatically meet ENERGY STAR standards.

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