Steel or metal insulated panels are materials used in building designs to transfer loads to a structural frame. They’re used in a variety of architectural applications, including wall panel systems and roof designs. Additionally, they may also be used to join precast concrete, glass, wood and other types of panels together. Most architects and builders use the panels to provide a complete building envelope that is thermally sound, waterproof and resistant to outside elements. In addition, there are more benefits that make metal insulated panels a top choice for roofs – explore some of the most noteworthy advantages below.


Not surprisingly, metal (steel in specific) is one of the most sustainable building materials. It’s strong, durable and completely recyclable. Building with metal is also eco-friendly and doesn’t require large quantities of virgin resources. Plus, installing steel roof panels requires less labor than other materials and creates minimal waste. Metal roofs are also well-known for their energy efficiency and can significantly lower utility costs. Finally, building with an eco-friendly material could provide access to energy savings programs and tax incentives.

Affordability & Longevity

Insulated roof panels are both cost-effective and durable. Metal roofs demand less labor, and thus, lower labor costs. For this reason, they’re even more affordable when used in large projects. They’re also lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them quick to install. A faster installation provides time and cost savings, along with lower initial costs and a faster return on investment (ROI). Additionally, metal roof panels are durable and have a lifespan of at least 25 years. Light and heat reflective coatings can also be applied to improve the durability and enhance the efficiency of the panels.

Lightweight Material

With their lightweight construction, the reduced installation time and costs of insulated panels make them a suitable option for budget-oriented homeowners or professional builders with tight schedules. Moreover, they require less support while being able to withstand heavy loads and pressure. For example, a metal roof could withstand extreme seismic activity (such as an earthquake) without cracking. This type of durability could benefit homeowners who see inclement weather, such as the conditions that occur during Canadian winters.

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