Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are known for their energy efficiency, flexibility, affordability, easy installation and high quality. They’re a custom-made building material that can be constructed for walls, roofs, commercial refrigerators and so much more. This versatility often leaves consumers and builders wondering about their quality and quality control. But SIPs have a unique quality control system. Below is a description of how it works.

Built-In Quality Control

The SIPs quality control is so unique because it’s actually built into the panel systems. Therefore, the systems are free of human error, meaning there are little to no issues with assembly or installation. On the other hand, this isn’t the case with other material types. Other materials can only get close to achieving the level of quality control found in SIP systems. Because they’re installed differently, other materials are vulnerable to human error, such as choosing the wrong caulking. Structural insulated panels are also designed for superior weather protection and performance, meaning they inherently provide the best moisture and thermal protection. They’re fire and water-resistant and protect against rot and mold, as well as insect and animal infestations.

Strong and Durable

SIPS are built to be strong and long-lasting. If installed properly, these panels are usually tight and resistant to all elements. This durability can be attributed to their superior quality, which ensures the best longevity. SIPs last longer than most building materials. For example, SIP roofs last 25 to 50 years, whereas roofs made from other materials last 15 to 20 years. When it comes to structural insulated panels, Edmonton buyers and others also enjoy the fact that they are easy to maintain and replace, if needed.

Easy to Install

Their top quality and built-in quality control make SIPs easy to install. Because there’s little risk of damage, structural insulated panels don’t have to be handled with extreme care. Built-in quality control guarantees the safety and functionality of the product. Plus, they’re pre-cut, so ready to install on-demand with zero to little on-site cutting or assembly. They can be installed quickly, and SIP buildings or structures are constructed faster than buildings or structures made from other materials. Easy installation also adds versatility during the building process.

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