Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are popular building materials that are used in several applications from building commercial grade freezers to constructing houses. One of the most common ways to use SIPs is in roof construction. SIPs are lightweight, provide excellent insulation and help conserve energy. However, these benefits alone aren't what make them a popular choice for roof construction. Below are the four major advantages of SIPs that help increase their popularity and performance as roof panels.

They Provide Excellent Insulation

SIPs consist of two structural panels with an insulating foam core between them. The core gives these panels their insulating qualities. Some can have R-values as high as R-52, which is known as super insulation. These insulating qualities can help keep a building warm and prevent energy loss. They can also help lower energy costs, as excellent insulation in structurally insulated or steel roof panels can allow you to run your heat less or at lower temperatures.

Structurally Insulated Roof Panels are Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is perhaps structurally insulated roof panels' biggest claim to fame. Because they’re great insulators, they’re also great at preserving energy. Besides that, their layers give them greater heat retention than conventional roof panels, including those made of wood. This means they’ll repel the heat during the summer and prevent the heat from escaping during the winter. Plus, the inner and outer parts of the panels retain heat well, which makes them even more superior to conventional panels. Because SIPs prevent energy waste, they can also help lower your energy costs. They offer energy savings of 12 to 14 percent, making them a smart long-term investment.

SIPs are Durable and Long-Lasting

Structural insulated panels have a life expectancy of approximately 50 years. This means that a roof made from SIPs will last longer and be more durable than roofs made from conventional materials. They’re also airtight, which prevents moisture or insects from slipping through. This helps prevent water damage and mold and/or insect infestations. Structurally insulated roof panels also don’t require studs or fasteners, which protects against warping. So, your roof will remain strong and intact for a long time.

They Save Money on Labour Costs

It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to build with SIPs. They offer a faster construction method, require less labour and reduce less waste. This means you won’t need a big crew to install your roof. Their light weight design also makes them easier to handle and faster to install. In the end, you’ll save time and money, while getting a more sustainable, durable roof.

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