Contrary to popular belief, structural insulated panels (SIPs) aren’t like modular or prefabricated panels. In fact, SIPs are flexible and versatile, customizable, durable and cost effective. These characteristics are especially advantageous when erecting buildings for work camps, such as those set up in oil fields. SIPs are customizable and can be designed and shaped to fit the needs of any building. The panels are also designed using 3D computer imaging, which makes the engineering and on-site construction incredibly accurate. However, superior design and construction flexibility aren’t the only reasons why SIPs are perfect for constructing work camps.

Building with Structural Insulated Panels is Cost Effective

Constructing buildings with SIPs is cost effective, meaning they can save time on construction, labour and waste removal. There also won’t be a need to purchase extra materials. Additionally, work camp buildings can be constructed 60 percent faster when using SIPs. This is because the panels are precut and only need to be erected once they reach the worksite. In the end, time savings will add up to make the project less expensive than projects that use other building materials and methods.

SIPs are Structurally Sound

Structural insulated panels are known to be durable and long-lasting. This means that any buildings made from these panels will be, as well. SIPs are also lightweight, thus easy to handle and install onsite. Obviously, their light weight isn’t an indication of their strength and durability. However, this strength and durability becomes apparent after the panels are erected and aligned to create a system.

The SIP structural system is seven times stronger than a timber frame system. Plus, the interlocked panels are airtight to keep out moisture, and a polyurethane core and OSB outer boards protect the structure against pests and other unwelcome invaders. Structural insulated panels for walls also lend themselves to excellent insulation and reduce heat loss by up to 60 percent, which will help provide comfortable living and working conditions during the coldest months. Structural insulated panels for roofs are also designed to keep the water out, so no leaks or mold.

SIPs Offer Superior Design

SIPs offer intuitive, flexible and customizable design, meaning buildings can be constructed without the constraints of conventional methods. The panels are pre-engineered, cut and designed, reducing construction time by 60 percent. So, work camps can be constructed quickly and easily, as they should be. SIPs can be assembled onsite without any special tools and less skilled labour, which saves money and time. Therefore, they’re perfect for work camps. All that is needed is a clean, dry place for construction and a computer for the 3D design process.

If you have questions about using SIPs in construction projects for your work camps, give us a call.

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