Wood is a sustainable resource for construction with many environmental benefits. However, structural insulated panels (SIPs) made of wood have even more benefits. They’re more environmentally-friendly, sustainable and cost-effective than natural wood and other products.

SIPs are made from wood veneers, solid wood, individual fibres and wood chips that are reconstituted through manufacturing processes. These manufacturing processes are eco-friendly, which produces an eco-friendly product, making structural panels made of wood a great choice for the environment and your home.

Wood SIPs Offer Optimum Fire Protection

Wood structural panels react differently to fire than other products. In fact, it outperforms all other products when it comes to fire protection. The density of wood SIPs makes buildings constructed with them less susceptible to fire. Wood panels have natural thermal properties that prevent heat from penetrating them. Besides that, the density of the product and the char layer that wood forms as it combusts, slows down burning so much that it’s almost impossible for SIPs to burn.

Produce Safer, More Sustainable Buildings

Structural panels made of wood can improve the performance of a building by making it more energy efficient and sustainable. SIP buildings last longer because they’re resistant to fire, wood burrowing pests, mold and mildew. Building with wood panels is up to 75% faster than building with solid wood. So, a home can be constructed much faster using structural panels. However, SIP homes last twice as long as homes made of traditional wood.

Wood panel R-Values also remain consistent throughout the life of the home. This also applies to roofs constructed with roof panels. So, a structural wood roof panel can last twice as long as one made of other materials.

Wood Panels Create Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Homes

Homes constructed with wood panels are eco-friendly and energy efficient, but they’re also easy to build. Hundreds of trees aren’t needed to construct a home when it’s made of wood panels, making their eco footprint smaller. They also don’t require shingles, drywall, siding, brick or any other product, so they go up faster than homes made with traditional materials. Besides that, SIP homes can be up to four times more energy efficient than traditional homes. Additionally, they also don’t release airborne particles, which can compromise indoor and outdoor air quality. This is good for you and the planet.

At Advanced Panel, we offer wood-skinned structural panels that can be foam injected and will reduce the amount of labour required for a project, as well as building times. For more information on our wood structural panels, give us a call.

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