Polyurethane is a soft but durable elastic material that’s used in numerous applications. It’s so widely used because it’s so versatile. Its versatility allows it to be used in building materials, industrial rollers and wheels, recreation, mining, oilfield parts and agriculture.

Polyurethanes of all types are sustainable, durable, secure, flexible, affordable and safe materials, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits. In fact, they have many advantages over other material types including polystyrene, metal, plastic and rubber. Below are four benefits that will add value to any application.


Polyurethanes are versatile materials, especially those with an R value of 7.2 per inch of thickness. They can be used for everything from surf boards to insulated panels. In fact, panels made with metal or wood skin and polyurethane cores are stronger than others made by conventional methods and materials. They’re so versatile that they continue to grow in popularity, even though they’ve been used commercially for more than 30 years in Europe. Manufacturers all over the world use them, including car manufacturers and furniture makers.

Save Energy Sustainably

Polyurethanes play a vital role in creating sustainable and energy efficient buildings and other products. They help builders better insulate buildings, which reduces the consumption of electricity, oil and gas needed for heating and cooling. Besides that, there’s no loss of insulation value over time with polyurethane panels, and buildings constructed with them are stronger and last longer than buildings constructed with traditional materials.

Polyurethanes also enable automotive manufacturers to create vehicles with light frames, which reduces emissions and fuel consumption. Foams made of polyurethane are also used to insulate refrigerators, which preserves food longer. The products don’t absorb water, so they’ll never rot or mildew. Plus, they reduce job site waste, and once they reach the end of their lives, many polyurethane products are recycled instead of thrown into a waste dump, making them even more environmentally-friendly.

Provide the Highest Fire Safety Levels

Fire safety is perhaps the most important component of every building design, and the polyurethanes industry is committed to ensuring their products have the highest fire safety levels. They’re often part of building elements and products especially designed to enhance fire safety, and companies within the polyurethanes industry constantly work on improving their products’ fire performance. This is possible because polyurethanes can be chemically modified to improve their fire performance. So, they can meet the most stringent safety standards.

They’re also less flammable than other materials, including polystyrene. Not to mention, the industry is full of innovations in safety, including fire resistant protective coatings, roof panels, walls and products that can operate in temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius.

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