Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are building materials used in commercial and residential applications. The panels are commonly constructed of two steel skins, plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) with a polyurethane foam core sandwiched between them. Used in walls, on roofs, in commercial refrigeration, and many other applications, SIPs offer many benefits, including:

  • They’re energy and thermally efficient
  • Can increase a building’s property value
  • Reduce labour costs and onsite waste
  • Can be constructed onsite
  • Improve indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Are strong, durable, and low-maintenance

Even though SIPs continue to grow in popularity for their cost-effectiveness and efficiency, there are still some misconceptions surrounding their use in construction. A few of these misconceptions are described below:

Misconception 1: SIPs Can’t be Used in Complex Building Designs

Since SIPs are preconstructed and light weight, some people mistakenly assume that they're only useful in simple architectural designs. This, however, is a major misconception of structural panels. Not only can they be used in the construction of many types of buildings, from homes to oil field work camps, they can be used in all types of architectural designs. This includes round edges and non-traditional shapes and styles. They can also be installed on any level of a building or used to construct an entire building.

Misconception 2: They’re More Expensive than Other Building Materials

SIPs are more sustainable and a better long-term investment than almost every other building material, including wood. Plus, the overall cost of SIPs is relatively low. Not to mention, SIP construction reduces labour costs, job site waste, and energy usage. All of these factors add up to significant savings. Additionally, SIP buildings are easier and more affordable to erect and maintain. If you’re still not sure if building with SIPs will save you money, just speak with a trusted manufacturer. You can find knowledgeable experts and some of the best structural insulated panels Edmonton has to offer right here, at Advanced Panel Products.

Misconception 3: A SIP Building Can’t be Wired

Contrary to popular belief, SIP buildings are perfect for wiring. So, if your home is constructed using SIPs, you can rest assured that it can be wired properly and safely. The dense polyurethane foam core allows the panels to be built with channels for wiring. Plus, since you won’t have to drill through studs to place the wiring, the integrity of your panels and your home will be maintained.

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