Because of their energy efficiency, freezer/cooler panels are perfect for environmentally-conscious applications. Their eco-friendliness is prevalent on every level, from how they’re installed to how they’re used. For example, the installation is easy and eco-friendly, they can boost the eco-friendliness of food storage and processing applications and, of course, they have energy-saving properties. Not to mention, they’re affordable, lightweight, durable and secure. Below is an explanation of how insulated freezer panels can be energy savers.

Easy and Eco-Friendly Installation

Today, the manufacturing and installation of many products isn’t safe. But, freezer panels are one of the exceptions. Insulated freezer panels are most often produced using standard, galvanized or stainless steel. However, they’re snap-to-install, meaning a “tongue-and-groove” design is used to reduce heat loss (thermal bridging). Thermally broken panels like this, are more energy efficient than panels with complicated designs. Freezer panels slide into place and are secured with flanges inside and outside. Advanced Panel Products offers cooler panels in 36” widths, which help speed up installation. Additionally, panels can be custom manufactured or engineered for any food-processing or cold storage needs.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Certain Applications

Insulated freezer panels can be used in commercial and industrial applications to make certain processes more energy efficient. For example, when installed on walk-in freezers, cooler panels can enhance the efficiency of food storage and processing, pharmaceutical storage and floral storage. They can be used to improve cold storage for transportation and in warehouses or similar facilities. For the most energy efficient freezer panels Edmonton has to offer, contact us.

Offer Energy-Saving Properties

Freezer panels offer unbelievable energy-saving properties. Panels from the best manufactures meet required R-values using expanded polystyrene (EPS) cores. They’re thermally broken, meaning they have the highest thermal efficiency, which can dramatically increase energy efficiency. Not to mention, insulated freezer panels are available in many thicknesses, making them even more efficient at absorbing and distributing heat. Thicknesses typically range from 2 to 12 inches and some companies even offer additional padding. For example, Advanced Panel Products offers freezer panels with a thickness of 2 ½ to 4 inches with added stucco embossing and polyurethane foam.

If you're ready to discover the many benefits of our freezer panels for your application, please don't hesitate to contact us or visit our freezer panels page.

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