Monday, July 26, 2021
Your Source for the Best Structural Insulated Panels Edmonton has to Offer

At Advanced Panel Products Ltd. in Edmonton, we offer superior quality structural insulated panels or SIPs for walls and roofs in residential and commercial construction. Within the core of the structural wall and roof panels, there is an insulating foam located in between two structural facings. The insulated panels can be built to fit practically any building design. If you want to build a highly durable, energy efficient, and cost effective structure, and save time, money, and labour, apply our wall and roof insulated panels in your construction.

With over fifteen years of providing superior quality structural insulated wall panels and insulated roof panels, Advanced Panel Products Ltd. has gained a reputation as an industry leader for excellent customer service. Our goal is to continue to be one of the leading and most trusted structural insulated panels suppliers, and we constantly monitor the production of our structural insulated wall and roof panels to ensure that these are manufactured under controlled conditions.

With the help of our structural insulated panels, Edmonton customers are guaranteed to enjoy several benefits, such as stronger structures, superior comfort, faster construction, and higher energy efficiency. Building a structure with insulated panels protects its interior from wind and moisture, creating a cleaner, quieter, and more comfortable interior environment. Using these panels takes less construction time compared to traditional stick frame methods. And, as SIPs create a well insulated structure, these help lower energy consumption.

Building a durable and safe structure entails careful selection of superior quality materials. For top quality insulated panels that are customized for your specific construction requirements, please contact Advanced Panel Products Ltd. in Edmonton at (780) 955-6363 or send us an email at We will be happy to provide you with more information on our products.