Cinder block walls are good at keeping your building cool in the summer, but when the seasons change, they do little to keep heated air inside. Some cinder blocks are worse than others — if they have hollow cores or just minimal core filling, they offer hardly any insulation.

The good news is that there's an easy and cost-effective way to re-face cinder block buildings. With insulated panels, Alberta and Nationwide property owners can enhance the look of cinder block buildings while adding tremendous value in the form of improved insulation and more. Here are some of the many benefits of using insulated panels to re-face your cinder block building.

1. They Add Insulation Value

Most methods of adding insulation value to a building include tearing down the walls and rebuilding from the ground up. Insulated panels are the exception. You can increase insulation by an R value of at least 11 and up to as much as 30 simply by re-facing with insulated panels.

2. You Can Choose from a Variety of Colours

Insulated panels come in a range of exterior colours. This allows you to select the tone that best matches the style of your building. The choices for flashing are even more varied — if you wish, you can even select a custom flashing colour.

3. They Are Easy to Install

Insulated panels are easy to install and require less labour than other building methods. Simply fasten the panels to the cinder blocks by mounting them on an angle iron for support or to the concrete floor.

4. You Will Save Money

Compared to many of the other options for improving insulation in your building, re-facing with panels is cost effective. When you also take into consideration the amount you will save on heating and cooling costs, it becomes clear that insulated panels are very cost effective.

5. They Improve the Appearance of Your Building

In addition to improving the functionality of your building, insulated panels enhance its appearance. All colours and designs feature hidden fastener clips, which creates a clean-looking panel.

The best option for insulated panels is Advanced Panel Products. Made to the highest standards, you will find no better option to improve the thermal resistance of your cinder block walls. Contact us today for more information.

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