Wood skinned structural insulated panels provide effective insulation for all types of building structures, including residential homes. They consist of polyurethane injected foam sandwiched between two wood panels and are particularly sought-after for the construction of cabin homes. In fact, these panels are among the most popular materials used for the walls and roofs of wood buildings. This popularity is largely attributed to the overwhelming benefits of structural insulated panels (SIPS). Explore some of their most compelling advantages below.

Optimal Fire Protection

Wood is notoriously flammable, which is why traditional cabins need advanced fire protection or resistance. Wood SIPs provide advanced resistance, with greater flame retardance than many other building structures. Panels can be outfitted with fire-resistant gypsum board in manufacture. Additionally, SIPs can incorporate other fire-resistant materials to improve their fire protection, such as fire-resistant paint.

Time and Money Savings

Building with insulated wood panels requires a modest investment—but expenses can be largely recouped during the construction process itself. The labour required for SIP cabins is exceptionally cost-effective, as they eliminate many construction steps including heating and hoarding. SIPs are lightweight for convenient maneuvering and installation. The sheathing and framing can also be installed in one step, reducing overall construction time. Moreover, the panels are plumb and straight, allowing them to be easily aligned and fit together. To save even more time and money, panels can be manufactured for wire and/or pipe readiness.

Energy Efficiency

SIP structures boast supreme energy efficiency. In fact, SIP buildings use 40 to 50 percent less energy than buildings made from standard materials. SIP cabins typically require a smaller HVAC system than other cabins, thus helping to reduce energy costs. Plus, structural insulated panels have a high R-value, or insulation resistance, which indicates advanced insulation properties and energy efficiency. Additionally, since the wood only lines the edges of SIP walls, the panels have a high level of thermal resistance. Panels with a high R-value can also be used to create solid cabin walls that are insect, mold, and weather resistant. Solid walls keep the cold air out during the winter and the warm air out during the summer to maximize energy efficiency year-round.

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