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Metal cladding is essentially a protective coating designed to protect a layer of composite material by bonding metal to its surface. This is achieved using lasers, diffusion and deformation, and the resulting structure effectively protects against wear and corrosion. In addition to providing a very modern appearance, it's also cost-effective, suitable for various applications and highly durable. Discover the many benefits of metal cladding panels and consider this smart building solution for your next project.

Water and Fire Resistant

Cladding panels don’t absorb moisture, which makes them essentially waterproof. Their waterproof properties protect them and any structure they’re placed on from mold, mildew, fungi and algae. Metal panels made using the cladding technique are also some of the most fire-resistant construction materials. When combined with non-flammable substrate or open framing, the panels receive a 15 minute stay in place rating fire rating CAN/ULC-S101 & S102.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Because of their durability, metal wall cladding panels are typically used on buildings and other structures to protect against abrasion and corrosion. The AD LOC 100 and 300 wall and roof panels that we manufacture at  Advanced Panel Products are renowned for their strength and durability. They provide optimal insulation, thermal performance and moisture and air leakage protection. This makes them perfect for commercial and industrial walls and roofs. Metal cladding panels are also low maintenance and require little if any cleaning, and can last for more than 20 years.

Provide Excellent Insulation

In general, metal building materials have excellent insulation properties – a characteristic that is compounded with metal cladding 7.2 R value per inch. Cladding panels’ insulation can prevent exterior and interior air leakage, improving a building’s energy efficiency and reducing energy costs. Heat insulation also helps improve their thermal efficiency. Acoustical infill material can also be easily added to the interior of the building envelope to greatly improve sound insulation.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

Metal cladding panels are known for their lightweight design. They’re so light that they don’t reduce the dead load of a building and they are easy to maneuver and install. Easy installation means faster installation, which typically makes project completion more timely and with fewer delays. Malleability also makes them useful in many applications, manufactured per need and able to be twisted into many shapes if proper cuts are made to the interior of the panel. Their malleability also adds to their aesthetics. The sleek, metal panels are available in many textures and colours, which only adds to their modern appeal.

Discover the many benefits of metal wall cladding panels for yourself. Call us today to learn how these panels can be used in your next project.