Air leakage is a major problem most homeowners don’t know they have. Gaps in your home or business’ structure can allow air to slowly leak out or in, and this lowers the energy efficiency and raises the energy costs for many property owners.

A building constructed with structural insulated panels (SIPs) is practically leak-proof. SIPs are thermally concrete with low air infiltration, high R-value and top quality, built-in insulation. The air leak protection and insulation lighten the load on your heating and cooling systems, making it easier, cheaper and more efficient to heat or cool a building. Below is an explanation of how this is achieved.

Provides ‘Air Tightness’

SIP walls or roofs are virtually air tight. Unlike batt-insulated or stick-framed structures, SIPs don’t have gaps and don’t allow high air transfer. Their panels also don’t have cavities where hidden leaks can be created. This means no air escapes or enters through the building materials or insulation, and the less air that leaves or enters, the less your AC or heating system works to heat or cool the building. This increases your energy efficiency.

Prevents Thermal Bridging

A thermal bridge forms when an element (usually a wood element) comes between a wall’s warm and cold faces. This ‘bridge’ allows hot or cold air to pass through the wall via conduction. SIP roof and/or wall panel systems can fix or combat this issue. The panels' insulation effectively prevents thermal bridging.

Combats Invective or Thermal Looping

Invective or thermal looping occurs when warm air rises and cold air sinks into a wall’s cavity. The phenomenon causes many structures to lose a lot of energy, making them less energy efficient. Although invective looping is a common occurrence, it usually doesn’t happen in SIP-framed buildings. Like the SIP’s insulated core, however, solid insulation material can reduce air movement and prevent looping.

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